Day 1 Woke Up, Did Pennine Way 

Day 2 A Walk to Windy Hill 

Day 3 Truckin' on Down to  Hebden Bridge 

Day 4 Kicking Down the Cobblestones to Cowling (and Feelin' Groovy)

Day 5 All the Way to Malham Without Alliteration 

Day 6 Anus Horribilis to Horton 

Day 7 Horton to Hawes-Piece of Cake 

Day 8 Over the Hill to Keld

Day 9 Off Path to Richmond

Day 10 Fair to Middleton 

Day 11 Loitering Without Tent to Langdon Beck 

Day 12 No Porn in the Pennines 

Day 13 A Rubbery Room in Alston 

Day 14 Lost Sheep and Shocks  on the Way to Greenhead 

Day 15 Full of Beans in Bellingham 

Day 16 The Hounds of the Bynress Hotel 

Day 17 Over the Wire Without the Aid of a Motorcycle

Pennine Way Story relates the tale of my epic, fun filled attempt to nearly walk the whole of the 268 mile national trail along the "backbone "of England.

This is a very useful guide to all those who have already done the walk themselves or anyone planning to do it without the least bit of guidance.

Pennine Way Story is the fault of George Tod whose excellent, extensive and informative web site, which I stumbled across a few years ago, gave me the idea of putting my own experiences on the net. All complaints, therefore, should be addressed to George.


Any compliments or other messages, share tips etc can be left in the Guestbook.

Links to Other Sites

National Trails: Invaluable for information on the long distance walks in England and Wales designated National Trails.

Walking Britain: Particularly good if you're looking for ideas. Pick a walk from the hundreds listed.

David Gibbins: Read how the walk is supposed to be done plus lots of links

Old Maps: Ordnance Survey maps from the mid nineteenth century. Look at where you live when it was all fields. (Go to Gazeteer from First Page)

Somewhere in the Cheviots - On the Last Day I Hardly Ever Knew Exactly Where I Was.